World Mental Health Day: Daniel Johnston has bipolar disorder, but it doesn’t make him “less” than any other artist


Daniel Johnston has been mentioned as one of the greatest living songwriters – by none other than David Bowie.  He also has bipolar disorder, which has caused lengthy hospital confinements, unexpected life changes, and… an enormous catalog of wonderful music.

In this video, Johnston performs a song that not-so-vaguely alludes to his mental illness and the travails it can bring.  He is older now than he was when the video was taken, but he still spends his days and nights feverishly creating art and music, working (and sleeping) in his “art factory” – the basement of his mom and dad’s house, tricked out with all the art supplies, instruments and tape recorders he will need, and more.  In honor of World Mental Health Day (this Friday! Oct. 10, 2014) we present “I Live My Broken Dreams.”