Video from the scene of Stephen McMilon’s shooting by police

Stephen McMilon was shot to death by Medford police, August 24, 2014.

This DIY video starts with the words, “Cops are blasting somebody right now!”  But Stephen McMilon had already been shot; his body lies face-down behind the left rear wheel of an SUV.

Here’s the account posted on YouTube (paragraph breaks added for readability, but otherwise unchanged):

Police respond to a domestic disturbance involving victim/suspect Stephen McMilon. No crime was committed, so they left the scene. An Hour later, Medford Police Department have a standoff with Stephen McMilon who was now holding a shotgun at the church on the corner of Stewart Ave. and Cherry St.

Medford Police, armed with high caliber rifles, instruct McMilon to put his weapon down. More Police officers arrive on the scene… McMilon let off one shotgun shell in the direction of the officers, but none of the officers were hit. The cops returned fire, hitting McMilon three times before he fell to the ground.

Several Medford Police officers aimed their rifles and pistols at McMilon, and continued to command him to show his hands for about ten minutes as lay motionless in a puddle of blood.

About seven minutes after the video ends, SWAT arrives and tackles the lifeless suspect. An EMT crew attempted CPR after McMilon was determined secure.

Medford Oregon is not a big city at all! There have been several cop involved killings recently. I have mixed feelings, but I do believe it’s time to learn a better method of “subduing” a suspect rather than turning him into a victim of police lethal force. The other question of controversy is: was there a moment after McMilon fell in which the police could have attempted to save his life? What’s your opinion?

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