Unanswered Questions about What Happened to James Chasse

Do you have unanswered questions about what happened to James Chasse?

Consider joining the Mental Health Association of Portland on September 17 at 4 PM at City Hall to deliver a letter asking Mayor Tom Potter to answer the unanswered questions about what happened to James Chasse.

Your can be incorporated into our letter and we encourage you to write to Mayor Potter now, and also to the other accountable elected or appointed persons responsible for what happened to James Chasse.

Answers – and actions – bring justice and safety to the streets of Portland. Your help is needed – now.

Most documents and articles about what happened to James Chasse are archived at – http://jameschasse.blogspot.com/.

Send your questions and concerns for incorporation into our letter to info@mentalhealthportland.org or to P O Box 3641, Portland, 97208. Or write directly using the contact information below.

Thanks – and see you on September 17.


Tom Potter – Mayor
City Hall
1221 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204
Phone: 503-823-4120

Rosie Sizer – Chief
Portland Police Bureau
1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204
Phone: 503-823-0000

Bernie Guisto – Sheriff
Multnomah County
501 SE Hawthorne # 350
Portland, Oregon 97214
Phone: (503) 988-4300

Michael Schrunk – District Attorney
1021 S.W. 4th Avenue, # 600
Portland, OR 97204

Letter to the Editor
The Oregonian
1320 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97201
Giselle Williams, letters
Phone: 503.221.8150
Fax: 503.294.4193

Letter to the Editor
Willamette Week
2220 NW Quimby
Portland, OR 97210
Phone: 503 243-2122

Letter to the Editor
Portland Mercury
605 NE 21st Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-294-0840

Letter to the Editor
Portland Tribune
6605 S.E. Lake Road
Portland, OR 97222
Phone: 503-226-6397