Tour announced for OSH Patient Remains Memorial Workgroup

Members of the Oregon State Hospital Patient Remains Memorial Workgroup,

Below is some additional information related to the attached photos, which should hopefully help you give your input on a permanent location for the cremains and memorial.

If you are planning on joining us for the tour on Wednesday please make sure to wear CLOSED TOED SHOES.  If you are unable to attend the tour please be sure to get any feedback to us by Thursday August 20th.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions between now and then.

Again the location and time of the tour is:
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
3-5 pm
Brooks Conference Room – Bldg 29 Oregon State Hospital

Here is the message from Jodie on the replacement team:

We have located two opportunities for the placement of the cremains of former OSH patients.  With both options, it is suggested that an area of the museum (that will be located in the center of the Kirkbride U), be dedicated to a small memorial to those who passed at the hospital.  This memorial would include reference to where the cremains are kept along with information on how to seek additional information if one is searching for a family member.

The first possible site is located on the 2nd floor of the Kirkbride building in a room that was used as a chapel.  This room would be large enough to store the cremains but would leave little room for any kind of meditation.  Access to this room would be limited as it is within the secure perimeter of the hospital and an appointment would need to be made with administration to access the room.

The second option is to place the cremains in the relocated Building 60.  This building is being located in the garden area just south of the Kirkbride U and would give a tranquil setting for an outdoor memorial as well as potential ability to be closer to the actual columbarium.  This memorial could be accessed any time of day and would lend itself to telling the story of the cremains to more people.

Sasha Pollack
Policy Analyst
Senate President’s Office