State Mental Health Division Assessment and Budget Request

The Oregon State Department of Human Service’s Addiction and Mental Health Division (AMH) released two important documents recently, a PowerPoint “overview” about the scope of AMH, it’s challenges and activities, to be appended to their annual budget request, and an “assessment and evaluation of the adult mental health system in Oregon” done by the Public Consulting Group.

The full AMH 2009 – 2011 budget request summary is here. The influence of new AMH chief Richard Harris is quite evident.

Highlights from the budget request include

    $100,000,000 for “Patient Treatment and safety Improvments” [sic]
    $11,000,000 for “Peer Delivered Recovery & Family Support Svcs”
    $175,000 to “Reduce Seclusion & Restraint in Acute Care”
    $15,700,000 for “Increased A&D Treat. Access-Underserved Pop”
    $10,000,000 for “Medically Monitored Detoxification Services”
    $15,000,000 for “Supported Employment Component”

Addiction and Mental Health Division Overview (PowerPoint Presentation) (PDF)

Addiction and Mental Health Division Assessment (PowerPoint Presentation) (PDF)

Highlights from the Division assessment include

    Over 250,000 Oregonians are assessed to be in need of drug or alcohol addiction services. That’s 6.75% of Oregonians. About 25% of that need is met by public services, meaning that for 3 out of 4 active addicts go without help.

    Only 6% of gambling addicts receive help from the state.

    Residential and hospital care gobbles up 58% of the state’s money for mental health treatment, while only serving 12% of those receiving services.

    Mental health treatment is effective – Only 3.1 percent of people reported being arrested after treatment versus 11.8 percent in the year prior to treatment

    Addiction treatment is effective – 98% are in stable housing.

The Addiction and Mental Health Division “cover letter” shows the services within the division, the leadership and a basic description of services.