Speaker’s Bureau

The Mental Health Association of Portland provides speakers to schools, civic groups, colleges and universities, fraternal organizations, and other groups interested in learning about mental illness, addiction and related issues.

Available presentations include:

  • History of Mental Illness in Oregon
  • Police Use of Force Against People with Mental Illness
  • Helping People with Mental Illness: How to Be an Ally
  • Presentation of  documentary films about mental illness and addiction
  • Mental Health Advocacy 101 – for persons in recovery from mental illness
  • Recovery as Crime Prevention: Turning the Law Upside Down
  • The History of Portland’s Drunk Tank

Speakers from allied agencies are also available for information on legislation in Oregon affecting the mental illness system and various health and social service topics such as low income housing, services for people with mental illness and addiction, homelessness, inclusion of peer workers in clinics and agencies.

To request a speaker for your school or group, please e-mail: info@mentalhealthportland.org.