RE: Closure of Adolescent Treatment Services at the Oregon State Hospital

Department of Human Services Office of Mental Health & Addiction Services
DATE: January 31, 2005
TO: Interested Persons
FROM: Robert E. Nikkel, MSW, Administrator

RE: Closure of Adolescent Treatment Services at the Oregon State Hospital

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The Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS) has had a long-standing goal to develop community-based treatment alternatives to the Oregon State Hospital (OSH) for children and adolescents. In keeping with this goal, the Adolescent Treatment Services unit at OSH will close effective March 1, 2005. Until February 28, admissions to the OSH program will continue for adolescents whose treatment needs cannot be met in alternative environments.

A new program and additional alternative services will be implemented by March 1, 2005. Trillium Family Services will operate a new program called the Secure Adolescent Inpatient Program (SAIP) at the Children’s Farm Home campus in Corvallis. This program will provide for the specialized public safety and treatment needs of adolescents who were previously being served at OSH. The admission criteria, access and admission process will be unchanged. In addition to this program, OMHAS will develop additional capacity for enhanced treatment in current Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services programs. This service will increase the capacity to provide continuity of care for adolescents needing additional treatment and will serve as a discharge resource or an alternative to the SAIP services.

This change marks another step toward strengthening the intensive community-based treatments and supports for children, adolescents, and their families. Thank you for your continued interest and support of Oregon’s children’s mental health system. OMHAS staff who are working on the project are Ralph Summers (503) 945-9827, Bill Bouska (503) 945-9717, and Derek Wehr (503) 947-5527. Please contact Bill if you have program and system questions and contact Derek for adolescent specific questions.