Psychiatric Security Review Board director Mary Buckley to officially resign

From the Salem Statesman Journal, May 28, 2013

Mary Claire Buckley, the executive director of the state Psychiatric Security Review Board, has submitted her resignation from the post she has held for more than 20 years.

The PSRB is scheduled to meet next Tuesday and the second agenda item is “motion for acceptance of executive director’s resignation.” The third item is “appointment of interim executive director.”

Buckley was placed on paid administrative leave May 2 after an official review began April 25th at the request of PSRB chairwoman Kate Lieber, according to Department of Administrative Services spokesman Matt Shelby.

Shelby said the review remained open on Tuesday afternoon because Buckley had not officially resigned.

Juliet Follansbee, the program manager for PSRB, has been filling in for Buckley during her absence. She had not responded on Tuesday to a request for Buckley’s letter of resignation.

The PSRB consists of a small staff and 10 board members appointed by the governor. It has jurisdiction over people in Oregon found “guilty except for insanity” of a crime. Since 2005, it has also had jurisdiction over youth found “responsible except for insanity.”

The board has the authority to commit a person to the Oregon State Hospital, conditionally release or discharge a person from the hospital, or revoke that release.

Buckley has been the executive director of the PSRB for more than 20 years. In 2011, a state investigation found that she had verbally abused an Oregon State Hospital patient. The report called Buckley’s behavior “coercing” and “disrespectful” and said she exercised “poor judgment.”

Shelby and officials at DAS have not disclosed why the board wanted a management review, or what exactly the state is investigating.