PPB press release: Community input sought on police discipline directives

PPB backs of two officers walkingPPB press release, Sept. 1, 2014

The Portland Police Bureau directs member action through the establishment of policy, procedure, and rule, as found within directives. The Bureau is in the process of reviewing all its directives. At the beginning of every month, the Bureau will post directives for public review and ask for comments.

Currently, the Bureau is asking for the community’s feedback regarding its directives pertaining to discipline process. Because the discipline process is a serious matter, a process which directly impacts members, reflects upon the Bureau, and is of interest to diverse, external parties, the Bureau is routing this series through its public process for a second time. The Bureau will be looking at national best practices and the public’s comments in order to update these policies this fall:

* 330.00, Internal Affairs Compliant Investigation Process
* 331.00, Service Improvement Opportunity
* 332.00, Administrative Investigations
* 333.00, Criminal Investigations of Police Bureau Employees
* 334.00, Performance Deficiencies
* 335.00, Discipline Process
* 336.00, Police Review Board
* 337.00, Police Review Board Personnel Selection
* 338.00, Discipline Guide

Community members are encouraged to read the directives and provide drafting comments at:

This webpage also enables community members to sign up for email notifications when new directives are posted.

The discipline process directives will remain posted and comments collected for thirty days (30), September 1, 2014 through Tuesday, September 30, 2014.