Portland Hearing Voices needs your support!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support of Portland Hearing Voices! Your donations have kept us going strong for three years, free from any government or pharmaceutical company funding.  We are grateful that none of our funding sources have ever caused us to compromise our values, and we plan to continue that way.  This allows us to provide a unique and much-needed supplement and/or alternative to mainstream mental health services.

Over the past year we have trained eight new facilitators for our team and gone from two support groups a month to two a week, and we have added a weekly Women’s Survivors of Sexual Trauma support group.  In addition, we have hosted two facilitators’ trainings open to the general public, both of which were well attended and successful. Thank you to those who attended!  These trainings allowed us to expand our vision, share it with others, teach people what we do, and increase the web of support available for people experiencing extreme states of consciousness, voices and other emotional challenges.  We have also trained other groups about our approach, including Sisters of the Road, PSU social work students, and Rethinking Psychiatry conference participants.

We continue to encourage mental diversity and informed choice in treatment, and the most important element of our work remains community building for people who would otherwise be isolated.  Our groups are a bridge for many people to recreate community after long periods of isolation.  People in our groups often say this has saved their lives and/or given them a place to go when nowhere else felt safe.

You have supported all this, and we would not be where we are without you.  The money you donated in the past allowed us to pay our volunteers small stipends, keep our website going, and cover essential costs.  But now, with three support groups and a very small budget, our money is getting tight.

We hope that when you consider your holiday donations you will remember Portland Hearing Voices.  Your generosity will keep us strong, now and in the years to come.  Our work is becoming more and more needed as funds and services are cut from mainstream health care, and as an increasing number of people seek to understand their experiences in deeper, more revolutionary ways.

“The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” – Martin Luther King

To donate via PayPal, please go to portlandhearingvoices.net and click “Donate.” You may also send a check by postal mail, payable to Portland Hearing Voices, PO Box 3641, Portland Oregon, 97208.

We also invite you to join us at our FREE Holiday Talent Fair!

See flier below, or download a PDF: Talent Show Flier

Thank you so much for your support!
Chaya Grossberg
Assistant Director
Portland Hearing Voices