Police name suspects arrested in downtown drug crackdown

Barron Williams

Barron Williams

From the Oregonian, March 24 2009

The Portland Police Bureau today released the names of people arrested during an undercover enforcement operation at what has been described as the city’s ground zero for street drug dealing.

As reported in The Oregonian, Portland’s Street Crimes Unit and Neighborhood Response Team officers began making arrests five weeks ago at Southwest Fourth Avenue and Washington Street, targeting mainly crack cocaine sellers.

According to Officer Greg Pashley, a police spokesman, the following 25 people were indicted on felony charges of possession and/or distribution of a controlled substance: Malcolm Jared Hubbard, 19; Alexander Alan Johnson, 21; Jasmine George, 19; Jamal David Williams, 39; Brittany Welday, 18; Antonio Howard, 18; Deante Deshawn Nelson, 23; Barron Cedric Williams, 54; Jefferson Bryant Davis, 20; Jonathan Carey Franks, 24; Anthony D. Armstrong, 20; Tierra-Faye Frison, 18; Wesley Lloyd Hunt, 23; Montez Terrell Taylor, 26; Keith Dawson, 43; Cynthia Anginique Crane, 21; Calvin Ray Baker, 52; Laurence D. Farrington, 21; Perry Lee Steven, 46; Michael Tige Belcher, 35; Isaac Lee Jones, 24; Adrean Deone Williams, 27; Tracy Scott Walls, 46; Marques D. Johnson, 36; and Ryan Earnest Moore, 37.

The following five people were arrested on misdemeanor distribution of an imitation controlled substance: Eddie Beal, 42; Laronzo Murphy, 25; Nikata Lindley, 28; Douglas Vaughn, 41; and Clinton Waters, 37.

And the following six people were arrested on felony warrants: Deante Nelson, Barron Williams, Anthony Armstrong, Keith Dawson, Michael Belcher and Calvin Baker.

OUR COMMENT – These arrests come as Oregon legislator’s prepare to end services for thousands of recovering addicts and persons with mental illness, and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admits America’s role in the intercontinental drug war – that untreated addicts in the US fund terrorism worldwide.