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Here are articles and reports about the Oregon State Hospital and COVID 19. We’ll include items about Oregon State Hospital and Oregon State Hospital at Junction City. To read the archive for Eastern Washington State Hospital and Western Washington State Hospital, go here. The items in this post link to complete texts in posts on this website. In those posts there are links to the original articles and reports.

Oregon State Hospital Restricts Admissions, Leaving Some Mentally Ill Inmates Stuck In Jail, April 9 2020

For the second time in less than a year, the Oregon State Hospital has fallen out of compliance with a long-standing federal court order that requires it admit inmates from jails within seven days of them being found so mentally ill they can’t aid in their own criminal defense.

Oregon State Hospital reverses course and resumes admissions of mentally ill defendants
Oregonian, April 10 2020

The Oregon State Hospital is abandoning a policy that restricted admissions amid the coronavirus outbreak to certain mentally ill defendants.

The hospital, capable of serving more than 650 patients at campuses in Salem and Junction City, is an adult mental-health treatment center for those who have been civilly committed, found guilty except for reason of insanity, or are too ill to aid and assist in their criminal defense.


Oregon State Hospital staff member tests positive for coronavirus
Oregonian, April 6, 2020

A staff member at the Oregon State Hospital has tested positive for coronavirus, officials said Friday.

The Oregon Health Authority did not report at which facility the staff member worked, when the positive case was discovered or whether other staff members had been tested.

Cook at Oregon State Hospital fell through COVID-19 testing cracks for weeks, ended up in comaCook at Oregon State Hospital fell through COVID-19 testing cracks for weeks, ended up in coma
From the Salem Statesman Journal – May 5 2020

Tony Villasenor had a persistent cough, flu-like symptoms and shortness of breath.

In his early 60s, with underlying medical conditions, he was seen by healthcare providers in the emergency rooms of two local hospitals and a clinic.

But each time, even as he got progressively worse, he was denied a COVID-19 test, told either he wasn’t sick enough or tests weren’t available.