OHSU Grand Rounds – May 3

German Trials of Psychiatrists Participating in Euthanasia During the Third Reich

OHSU Grand Rounds presents on May 3

Bob McKelvey, M.D. – Professor, Department of Psychiatry/OHSU

At the end of the presentation participants will be able to:

* describe the history and development of the so-called “Euthanasia” program in the Third Reich
* list varying ways in which German psychiatrists dealt with the decree to kill mentally-ill patients
* discuss how this historical information affects the participant’s view of the ethics of psychiatrists, other physicians, and psychologists participating in present-day covert government activities
* describe how this historical information affects the participant’s concept of ethical behavior within their own practice

OHSU Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds are Noon to 1 PM – 1st, 3rd, and 4th Tuesdays
8B60, 8th Floor, OHSU Hospital (unless otherwise noted)

Psychiatry Grand Rounds provides continuing medical education for the target audience.

The goals of Grand Rounds are

  • To enable discussion that both is about and involves the patient so the physician can better understand the depth of one’s mental illness.
  • Explore the history of certain policies and procedures in place for handling mentally ill patients and what can happen to improve care and treatment that they receive.
  • To better explain and expand on various forms of mental illness and how treatment should be approached and practiced by the clinician.