Note to readers – Portland Mental Health Examiner, MHAP

by Jenny Westberg

When you work as a writer, online, some of the realities are these:

1. Like any job, what you do may not be all that important – but it probably matters to somebody.

2. However, there is likely no such thing as “leave of absence” (or other things such as “weekends”!)

3. And still, sometimes, family and/or life events occur that make it temporarily impossible to work with regularity.

If you have read one of the sites I write for, such as Portland Mental Health Examiner — and if you might go there again — please take note of a post I just placed, here:

Although the reasons are not necessarily important, I have not been writing lately — I expect to, again, soon.

As always, thanks for reading!

Jenny Westberg
Portland Mental Health Examiner
Board member, Mental Health Association of Portland