Man TASERed by PDX police died of drug overdose

From, March 24, 2006 – no link available

The Medford man who died shortly after being shocked with a TASER gun by Portland police earlier this week died of a drug overdose, The Oregon State Medical Examiner said Friday.

“I have come to the conclusion that [Timothy] Grant died of a cocaine overdose with excited delirium and TASER application was not a cause of his death,” said Oregon State Medical Examiner Karen Gunson. “Would he have died without the TASER? Yes, in my opinion.”

During a news conference Friday morning, Gunson explained that Grant, who had been running in and out of traffic on busy NE Sandy Boulevard on Monday before his confrontation with police, had a high level of cocaine in his system, according to toxicology tests. Excited delirium is an agitated state usually accompanied by high temperature. Grant had a temperature of 104 degrees, Gunson said.

Gunson performed the autopsy on 46-year-old Grant on Tuesday and determined he did not die of lethal injury or natural disease. If his death had been TASER-related, he wouldn’t have been conscious and talking after police used the TASER gun on him, Gunson said. Grant would have died almost instantaneously, according to the medical examiner.

She also said it appeared Grant had ingested cocaine about a half hour prior to his run-in with officers.