Documents Released in Andrew Hanlon Case

Andrew Hanlon

Andrew Hanlon

From the Salem Statesman Journal, August 4 2008

Investigative documents released last week show that the main eyewitness in the Silverton police shooting, town resident Jeff DeSantis, had connections to the case that have not been revealed to the public before now.

DeSantis saw the shooting from about 35 feet away and backed Silverton Police Officer Tony Gonzalez’s version of events both in police statements and in testimony before the grand jury.

A news release issued by the Marion County District Attorney’s office after the grand jury’s ruling portrayed DeSantis as a random passerby who stumbled across the shooting. It specifically noted that he did not know Gonzalez or the slain suspect, Andrew James Hanlon.

But the documents reveal that DeSantis is a business partner of the man whose home Hanlon had been trying to break into that evening.

He and Josiah Kelley were working at their business, a small brewery called Seven Brides Brewing, the evening of June 30 when Kelley received a terrified call from his family about the attempted break-in. Hanlon had been screaming and baying at their door, slamming and kicking it hard enough to leave behind smeared blood.

DeSantis followed Kelley home out of concern, and happened across the shooting as he was driving down Oak Street in his truck “to see if this guy had gone down the hill,” Woodburn Detective Rick Puente wrote following his interview with DeSantis.

The deputy district attorneys who wrote the earlier news release were not available for comment Friday.

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