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POLICE EDUCATION STANDARDS Related issues as relevant as cops’ training
I am a concerned citizen who also happens to be a mixed martial arts cage fighter. I have trained with the current UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) world champion, Randy Couture, and the welterweight world champion in the Full Contact Fighting Federation.

This past year, I have been hit, punched, kicked, grappled and body-slammed in every way conceivable. Not once have I ever sustained any damage to my ribs –not even any bruising. This without a doubt opens my eyes to the kind of physical abuse that it took to fracture James P. Chasse Jr.’s rib cage in 26 places. Excessive is a gross understatement!

If the educational bar is set even lower for the Portland police, then what kind of treatment can we expect for our mentally disabled citizens?

Portland’s finest who worked their magic on Chasse must be world-class combat strikers. Maybe they should pursue careers in the UFC. The pay is much better, and you don’t need a college education.



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