Law Enforcement Caused Deaths – follow-up

In response to the media meme that the FBI estimated there are only 400 deaths per year caused by US law enforcement officers, we checked and found 104 were killed in August 2014. We added another to the list today, the suicide of suburban Philadelphia police officer Mark Wells on August 29. Wells was not identified until after our survey announcement. Five officers suicided in August.

The survey was published online by The Skanner in print and online by The Portland Mercury.

The survey references as list of persons killed by US law enforcement officers in August 2014. This list includes both on-duty and off-duty deaths, and includes two deaths in Oregon, Stephen McMilon of Medford, who, according to officers, menaced them with a shotgun, and Jayson Withers, killed by an unnamed corrections officer at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution.

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Two local radio programs devoted airtime to the survey, the online venture XRay.FM and KBOO.FM.

LISTEN – interview starts about 8:00 with Jenn Chavez and Jason Renaud

LISTEN – interview starts at 10:00 with Jenka Soderberg and Jason Renaud