Kulongoski plans to cut mental health, addiction budgets

Rounding out the worst Oregon governorship in memory for persons with mental illness, addiction and other disabilities, Ted Kulongoski announced on June 21 upcoming pennywise and pound foolish state budget cuts.

Ted Kulongoski

Ted Kulongoski

Kulongoski announced May 25 he would invoke his across-the-board cutting authority to eliminate a projected $577 million shortfall in tax collections as a result of the latest quarterly economic and revenue forecast.

The Department of Administrative Services, which oversees budget and management for the governor, posted on its website June 9 agency proposals for the 9 percent cuts.

His final proposals are expected by July 1, the start of the second year of the state budget cycle ending in mid-2011.

Among the spending cuts Gov. Ted Kulongoski let stand:

    A limit on state-subsidized day care to families in transition from welfare assistance, as required by federal law.
    Leaving vacant 20 positions at Oregon State Hospital, which is set to open new buildings next year.
    Oregon Project Independence would be eliminated, personal care for 1,500 older and disabled funded by federal Medicaid money would be cut, and in-home care for 10,500 seniors would be halved. Except for Oregon Project Independence, which is mostly state-supported, the other cuts would result in a greater loss in federal matching funds.
    Community mental health programs affecting 1,500 children, and personal care for 800 adults.

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