Judge rules Fouaad Kaady trial can proceed as planned

Fouad Kaady

Fouad Kaady

From the Oregonian, November 26 2008

What happened: A federal judge’s ruling Wednesday paved the way for a trial in the case of a Portland man shot and killed by police on a rural Clackamas County highway in September 2005.

The case: Fouad Kaady was 27 when Officer William Bergin of the Sandy Police Department and Deputy David Willard of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office shot him a total of seven times. Kaady’s family filed a lawsuit in 2006, naming the two officers, the city and the county as defendants amid allegations of civil rights violations, excessive force and wrongful death. When the officers encountered him, Kaady was unarmed, naked, bleeding and burned after smashing his car into three other vehicles on Southeast Bluff Road.

What’s next: The trial, scheduled to begin April 28 in the courtroom of Judge Paul Papak, is on the docket to last three weeks.

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