January 2010 Eyes & Ears

Here’s the latest edition of Eyes & Ears, a mental health consumer run newsletter for consumers, their friends & family and mental health professionals.

Download and read the January edition here.

Included in this issue –

* Measures 66 & 67 info and recent poll results
* Central City Concern receives $8.9 million federal stimulus grant
* Jason Renaud, homeless and mental health advocate, who is running for a City Council seat, has a 11 point plan to reform the Portland Police Bureau
* Social Security benefits being repaid to those who lost benefits due to having an outstanding arrest warrant (page 9)
* Will Hall interview
* Trimet Honored Citizen Downtown Bus Pass
* Western Regional Advocacy Project hosts a housing and civil rights gathering in San Francisco
* Folk Time is growing
* 2010 Census taking jobs
* Health week at the Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown Portland

Besides other news there are a variety of listings of meetings, services, support groups, job opportunities and more.