Google Fu arriving at ‘Mental Health Association of Portland’

Do you have ‘Google Fu’?  Are you particularly great and finding things on the internet?  Our common egotism includes a hypothesis that everything which is interesting to us is by default interesting.  Our social experience is proving this theory by showing our interests to others, comparing, sorting and discarding.

But in the world of machines, we can now ‘know’ what others are interested in by looking at search perimeters.

Below is a listing of words typed into search engines which brought visitors to the Mental Health Association of Portland web site over the last few hours.  Note – people are interested, but not the way you think they’d be interested…

oregon’s fairview training center records
norm frink boys town
“ron lagergren”
columbus day storm in oregon
magnus lakovics portland or
clackamas county jail nurse
using respectful language around mental health
Brian James Chandler sexual abuse case Clackamas County Oregon
mental health assesment portland oregon
dr alexander e horwitz lawsuit
Portland City Club Report on Multnomah County Mental Health System
medford inn sober liveing portland
micky logan osh
psychiatrist diamond oregon state mental hospital
psrb shrp oregon
beaverton oregon suicide crisis center
david fitzgerald portland oregon
$2o bag of heroin
phsych treatment legacy good samaritan
portland oregon schizophrenia
bobby weinstock veterans affairs homeless vouchers
dr. tolan oregon state hospital
complaints about district attorney dan hesson
faulkner place, porltna, or
david hidalgo portland
statewide warmline
marilyn harris
brent k redd
“mental health association” “eli lilly”     753
Christie Care in Oregon Psychiatric Bed     75
mental ilness defense attorneys Portland     74
transitional housing for mentally ill homeless/portland,or.
mental health lawyer forest grove oregon
transitional housing for mental health patients /portland or
robert king portland police bureau
ear acupuncture
what does heroin do if injected in arm with a needle
dan spiegel police
patrick sweeney portland
psychatric review board state of oregon approved facilities
state vs renee putnam
Kyle hefley Portland police
warren steenson portland,or
has anything changed in the application process in mental health centers seeking to become certified in multnomah county
safest and best sites for intravenous injections into legs
trillium employee commits suicide
Jorey Lee Brewis
good neighbor agreement “group home”
“roy d\’autremont” ohio death
se lafayette apt disabled people portland oregon
arthur honeyman
rtland police shoot brad morgan /5/
victim of crime emotional curve
dds mental health classes in portland or
eyes and ears portland
hearing voices program in portland
jennifer warren portland
robert fox washington county
group homes for teen boys in portland oregon
“waverly children\’s home” history
portland psychiatry
who was in the mental asylum with allen ginsberg
mn police chris humphrey
rockland state mental hospital
bruce goldberg disease model of addiction
teen shooting up heroin
oregon david romprey
cute baby group
settlements for methadone overdose deaths
david\’s harp ministries portland oregon
robert schmaltz portland
mental health america
joe tanovan
The Rev. LeRoy Haynes, chair of the Albina Ministerial Alliance’s Coaliton for Justice and Police Reform,
patient restraints
tonya irene yut
a teen dies of gunshots in n portland or on feb 5 or
residential mental health facilitiesfor teens portland oregon
wade grussmeyer
thomas newberry portland police officer
tammy l paige portland oregon criminal activity
dane reister portland police     56 am
jennifer warren oregon     444 am
behavioral health triage unit     4 am
robert king portland or     48 am
cedar hills hospital portland oregon     43 am
sandra taylor and herb ozer     4 am
multnomah county mental health     48 am
Jack Collins     34 am
larry bell death portland oregon     346 am
person connected into cables in hospital     33 am
redd portland     37 am
sgt pete simpson     36 am
nada protocole in psychiatric     3 am
articles on oregon state hospital in 7     5 am
oregon state penitentiary maximum security unit
marty christensen
art honeyman portland oregon
doctor robert campbell portland, oregon
use of spit hoods in psych hospitals
Medford oregon man jump overpass
portland oregon mental health hospitals
richard kimball fox at portland
oregon mental health statistics
oregon  mental health demand
shannon callahan portland
joann bowman portland
under desk shotgun mount
oregon state hospital abandoned
oregon employment law – mental illness
psychiatric security review board full discharge
derald walker photos     34
curry county oregon mental health resources chetco river
famous african americans and mental illness
mha of portland executive director
image of roller skating
the estate hotel portland oregon
ice bath treatment
oregon 6.37 amendment
brad lee morgan
frashour documents
cascadia behavioral healthcare garlington
bettie page
beanbag shooting of floyd haynes
the portland tribune synthetic heroin june
integrating forensically and civilly committted adults     7
“jenny westberg” oregon     654
menta lhealth and portland     648
scott soule portland     647
robert fox killed by police in portland     646
mental paitent injured portland advenst 6 5      64
clackamas county mental health audit payback     68
connie isgro portland or     66
dr. campbell portland, or     68
brandon scruggs sentenced     6
“mary jackson” 733     548
robert rice oregon state prison     54
how many homeless people are there in portland      5
oregon chief of police coady     5
mental illness attorney Portland     5
mike smith hearing voices     454
lifeworks multnomah county     44
how to shoot heroin     438
portland or mental health services     48
saip oregon     48
richard harris oregon     4
activities of patient grievance committee     35
lukedorph nonprofit residential settings for mentally ill portland oregon telehone     34
excited delirium fouad kaady     34
clackamas county trial information on brian chandler     335
dr. robert campbell portland or     33
Richard Harris, Assistant Director for Addictions and Mental Health     3
robert kimball fox, aloha     56
bob fox portland     54
children’s mental health in Portland , ORe     3
michael reese
portland “health resources” association     4
memorial for suicide mental illness     6
mental health care hospital portland oregon     35 am
portland police standoff
repair toner cartridge
portland police badges
mental health care providers Portland, Or.
heroin needle arm
oir portland
Brian James Chandler portland
no prescription methadone online
robert fox aloha oregon address
john pemberton fairview police
portland tri-county mental health cco
carly laney portland
john bocock oregon
Rebecka Brewis
mental health in oregon
shannon callahan police     35 am
Chris humphries oregon cop     37 am
sam and his cart arthur honeyman     33 am
clancy i the invisible boat     5 am
“mike johnston” hillsboro police     5 am
brian james chandler of clackamas county     48 am
bettie page life story     4 am
seriously mentally ill services in oregon     5 am
mental health in portland, oregon     4 am
portland women suicide june 4     4 am
state police. car     3 am
County Board of Commissioner’s discriminatory malfeasance in providing mental health services result in alternative criminalization methods responses
lawful use of taser oregon
robert k fox shooting aloha oregon
approximately how many people are on the oregon health plan
what mental health organization might help with funds needed for a client to get treaqtment at a facility that does not accept insurance?
mental health association portland
“centerstone” clackamas county oregon
“Oregon State Hospital”
oregon homelessness statistics
phb health insurance portland
bob fox shooting
brian chandler court clackamas
lisa naito
robert fox police shooting oregon
Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis
jennifer warren and columbia county mental health
mentally ill homeless portland
lifeworks mental health services
rob fox portland
oregon alcohol and drug policy commission director mary ellen
mental health center portland oregon
cheap therapy portland
head shrinking mental institution 4s 5s 6s
mcnamee punki oregon estacada
cam4 icebergs
portland, oregon, robert fox shot by police
brett redd portland oregon
salem oregon mental institution
jennifer sroufe multnomah County protective services
fastest way to detox from heroin
robert kimball fox
psychiatric hospital portland oregon
frashour training division
historic insane asylum patient pictures     734
mental health interventionist portland oregon     75
dhs custody cases recent in portland, oregon     76
illustrated water tower     7
why kids shouldn\’t go to foster care     65
gary oxman health department     68
andrew hanlon carrol     68
cider hill hospital portland
worker portland killed psrb     54
garlington center mlk blvd portland oregon
nami mental health awareness week
fairview training center     53
deanna wesson portland     5
forensic psychiatric unit     58
james perez shooting jackson county georgia     53
luke dorf oregon     5
monica cuenca banyan tree     54
gexo fountain girls
bettie page playboy august 3
jo lynn hardesty occupation     4
oregon state mental institution
holladay park hospital
center stone portland     37
rockland allen ginsberg     3
scott ray
mental illnesses with young children in england
washington state mental health association     5
“dr. mark diamond” new jersey expert     5
mental health support portland oregon     4
tom newberry portland police
columbia mental health investigation
warren sercombe portland or
brad wins settlement in police brutality lawsuit.
mental health organization oregon
brian french police log
kids with adhd might find answer as researchers
shotgun entry ammo
portland police ron frashour
short term assessment of risk and treatability start children\’s residential
kids with adhd might find answers as researchers see diversity disorder, and treatment
ordinary people mental illness
heroin kills
brewis grants pass oregon     74 am
mental health related police calls chart     7 am
pink liquid methadone
chief of medical staff salary colorado mental health institute     557 am
mental health clinics 8nd avenue portland     557 am
oregonian alexandria ison
clackamas heroin 8 andrew     54 am
police policy for armed drunk suicide people     54 am
kirby clackamas     5 am
jaime daniel coleman obituary     44 am
judge thomas kohl     4 am
hannah coffey oregon state hospital     35 am
police brutality in portland oregon in 6     348 am
pictures of the inside of oregon state penitentiary     3 am
centerstone mh clinic clackamas     3 am
october 7, salem police car chase suspect dru larson      am
erika murray hearings officer      am
NADA ear acupuncture     6 am
randy leonard lung     58 am
Stopped taking Methadone opiate blocker had a sizer     48 am
mental illness recovery movement budget cuts     43 am
norm and marilyn scott portland     34 am
portland providence larry belcher     33 am
what do large bottles of vicodin look like     4 am
what is the citing for this Aaron, 5, Flanagan and Morgan, 5?     3 am
annette campbell “oregon state hospital”     5
providence outpatient mental health portland oregon     58
oregon prison     37
center stone clackamas oregon     7
mental diagnosis portland
psychiatrist that accept Oregon health plan     5
psychiatric portland, OR     55
cascadian mental health     55
rosie marty in portland oregon     43
leon scott portland     37
bettie page, 8
photograph of lisa pardini     5
dean foster forest grove
tom cutsforth re-running wheeler county      46
rainier health care worker stabbed     37
officer involved shooting portland or      33
penny harrington tort claims     3
Project Respond Portland     4
portland cop watch
australian suicide rate      847
bettie page death     846
erinn kelly-seil     835
multnomah county mental health services     86
portland housing bureau car camping program     8
central park homeless sleeping     743
i mathew brennan vietna     735
portland aspergers network     735
What is a sit sanction In Multnomah County Court     77
agnes sowle     73
teenage rape victim residetial treatment pdx     7
david higginbotham oregon     657
ohsu mental health     638
kevin fitts portland     638
mentally ill homelessness in oregon     65
hospitals where psychiatrist work at     6
Maggie Bennington-Davis, M.D.,     68
home care worker st helens or killed     54
chiarelli diagnostic tools     535
volunteer portland mental health     53
material handling crush injuries     53
heroin scars     53
lisa friedli-clapié     54
Oregan State Mental Health Department     5
atterneys to file tort claim agents the portland police wrongfull death assistid suicide     44
steven dobscha portland     444
robert brandon young myrtle creek     4
albertina kerr Lynn Saxton     337
oregon state law mental illness neighborhood     38
lifeworks intake appointment milwaukie oregon     3
officer troy pahlke portland     47
attorney janet hoffman     5
Anti-psychotic medications were first used in the U.S. (allowing treatment to be provided in community clinics instead of hospitals) in what year?
ken lile is abusive     3
telecare portland      am
maxine bernstein     6 am
fluorescent colored stocks for less-lethal shotguns     84 am
annette klinefelter     756 am
brittany ford foster child oregon     75 am
where to lock up bike at legacy hospital portland     658 am
Jason justus criminal     63 am
Klamath Falls, Michael Scott wynn found in the arson of Klamath County Mental Health     63 am
portland zoning code osh     67 am
aloha park apartments shooting     67 am
mental hospitals in washington state     57 am
Oregon HB 4     46 am
westech engineering *steve a ward civil engineer      48 am
cascadia mental health vs. lifeworks     48 am
harris motoratso portland oregon     356 am
national alliance for the mentally ill     333 am
corrina fesler     33 am
“right  dream too” ninth circuit     37 am
clang association psychiatric     3 am
brennan mejia     8 am
“Norm Wyers” boys     7 am
cascadia behavioral health care barbara roberts      am
jon eaton portland oregon     8 am
us military deaths women     5 am
homelessness in multnomah county.  to  chart     54 am
jack dale collins portland     53 am
“norm wyers” molest     5 am
Oregon prisons and meth     3 am
john branch oregon     5 am
portland mental hospital     8 am
history cascadia mental health in portland oregon     7 am
what does in patient psychiatric treatment cost in portland or     5 am
allen ginsberg mental health     5
man who shot his head off from meth     3
brattleboro retreat, best practices sex offender
harry smith multnomah county sheriff
photos of oregon state hospital     48
jason palmiter portland maine     37
gresham oregon fred meyer police shooting     36
governor kitzhaber psychologist prescribing     3
andrew pruitt avel gordly center for healing
jennifer warren st helens high
marijuana growing     83
portland police union president scott westerman     83
meghan caughey     83
finding normal portland oregon     83
percentage rise in domestic arrests jackson county oregon     754
christina hogenson     68
one flew over the cuckoo’s nest bed     54
jessica orr clark/colitz county     53
se 8 ave suite o, happy valley 786     5
jennifer warren murdered     45
is university of oregon a party school     45
dammasch hospital oregon     5
dean brooks md
william kyle monroe
Best mental health agency to work for in portland oregon
alaska  patricia garoutte     76 am
derek rodrigues of portland police department
brent redd psrb
state of oregon psychiatric hospital staffing requirements     6 am
heroin tracks arm     553 am
brent redd jr oregon     538 am
oregon mental protection     44 am
jerry adams medford or     438 am
injecting meth- infection     4 am
suicide in oakcreek correction albany or     45 am
who\’s settling     4 am
brian lindstrom filmmaker     33 am
psychiatric security review board oregon murder     56 am
abused adoptee in oregon. will state pay for mental health treatment     5 am
“len ray” psrb stabbing     4 am
austin raglione portland     4 am
clatsop county drug arrests     4 am
minus pseudoephedrine     6 am
why does heroin powder turn hard     54 am
Keatron kills doctor salem oregon     35 am
pics of people on meth      am
anne shapiro coma     5 am
klamath falls     4 am
Damon Winter     3 am
police kathleen martinez portland     4
portland oregon disability mentally ill jobs     4
centerstone clackamas cty     7
heroin use portland oregon      8
multnomah county oregon court investigator
low cost psychiatrist portland oregon
garlington center intensive case management portland oregon     8
portland police group meeting     858
becky wilkinson community health portland     853
aclu attorney list     83
mental patient     834
graham phalen     8
Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board      744
oregon state hospital – sydney evans”     74
Mental Health Specialist at BetterLife-USA Portland, Oregon Area Mental Health Care     738
psychiatric walk in clinics portland     733
daniel chan oregon     73
what is project response     65
restructuring and layoff of hospitals in portland oregon     55
acupuncture on ears     5
bettie page where is she now     438
stay at portland oregon state hospital     4
Bridgeview Community portland oregon     4
Washington County sheriff’s Deputy Glenn Howard eye     356
low income housing portland oregon mental illness     345
melanie heise oregon     34
oregon senate bill  grand jury     3
armed police officers with beanbag guns
former employee shoots at trimet bus
mental health hospitals AND portland
ortho thigh paleat nailes hip replacem cut     54 am
cascadia behavioral health portland or     5 am
washington county oregon police suicide policy     3 am
mesme thomason     5 am
daniel hardesty DC     4 am
wilsonville insane asylum     746 am
what does coda stand for in portland, oregon     75 am
brian nickel oregon
john eaton murder
difference between meth and bath salts, danger of mix
heroin numbers     5
stacey carol reis coontz
man shoots him self on 33rd marine drive in portland orego
behavioral health portland oregon
eldon rosenthal
micael mcckormack oregon penetiary
brad morgan
nigg oregon jeff eriksen
joseph conklin
how to tell some one is using the needle
person camera tripod     43 am
do doctors in portland or. prescribed oxycontin for pain
chez ami apartments in happy valley, oregon operated by/?
shelters for homeless young man with addiction in clackamas co.,or
georgia sudafed law     5 am
how to tell if someone is injecting drugs
mental health drugs black background
david cutler oregon      am
portland oregon hospital for mentally insane
elden rosenthal gym xtreme edge
randy edwards oregon state hospital
daniel butts
don muccigrosso
city council raises portland theriault
inpatient psychiatric hospitals portland
oregonian mental health director multnomah
Jana Hart oregon
cascadia behavioral
centerstone grand opening
Dignity Village,Right to Dream Too
health officer portland oregon gary oxman
heroin ports to inject IV     4
elden rosenthal
part time security guard va hospital portland or for veterans
physical abuse of homeless youth in portland
portland police shotgun mishap details
brian lindstrom movie maker wife
portland emergency housing mental health
dale fortune aloha oregon phone number
mentally ill man accused of murder in forrest park being released from oregon state hospital
narcotics anonymous tattoo ideas
studio apartment bend oregon
mental health portaland oregon
mental health doctors portland oregon
cts oregon state penitentiary
ralph summers state or oregon
oregon state hospital cremains photo
oregon state hospital bridges buildings
mental health attorney portland oregon
schizophrenia portland oregon
ralph williams
howlin wolf blog
clackamas county patient who killed social worker
sarah goforth, central city concern portland OR
mental exhaustion and homelessness
psrb murder
legal aid portland health bills
clip art in behavioral health
walter butler tiny arrested in portland, or
Dr. McCulloch portland
trillium family services reviews portland oregon
where to go for a drug call portland
why was greater oregon behavioral health rejected for a coordinated care provider
bridgeview mental health portland oregon
bradley j albert nsw lawlink nsw
a mother’s love portland or
why portland police department has been criticized for their treatment of the mentally ill
colonel bret burton
portland, oregon man is shot in random drive by shooting
redemption+ getting clean
drawings of paranoid schizophrenics
“she strangled a cat”
adhd fictitious epidemic
lawrence james cascadia
Kerry Brent prowse
michelle roberts “losing Christopher”
children’s farm home corvallis oregon reviews
daniel halsted portland or
mckinney avenue tavern security
portland psychiatric hospital
mental health help in portland oregon
sean kelly portland coach
portland officer stephanie rabey shooting
portland officer stephanie rabey shootin
phyllis fasciani
heroin toilet water
pastor john garlimgton\’s death
“kirkland institute” burns oregon
portland adventist psychiatric beds
rebekah brewis
jennifer warren death in st helens      am
eric hossack news portland      am
multnomah county behavioral health
conn. jury clears officers february
portland service coordination team graduation
bathrooms in mental ward
james rice portland oregon
pearl district property
“buddy” lifeworks nurse practitioner portland or
murder of mike egan portland, oregon december , 4
atty tom steenson
oregon mental health cival commitmetn
Bettie Page and Hugh
mental health disability oregon
cornerstorn mental health clackamas
attorney to represent mentally ill patients in portland oregon
outlaw bath salts
mental health centers, portland oregon
Mental hospital bath
psychiatric triage center
oregon state mental hospital salem
craig belknap tacoma
andy antoniskis portland or