First recruitment advertisement for Oregon Insane Asylum

Staffing has been a trouble from the first moment in the history of the Oregon State Hospital.  The public view of psychiatry in Oregon started with a recruitment advertisement in The Oregonian on July 23, 1862 for the Oregon State Hospital and Insane Asylum. At that moment, 148 years ago, Dr. James Hawthorne may have considered his institution as having two parts – a hospital and an asylum.

The advertisement reads,

Hospital and Insane Asylum

Drs. Hawthorne & Loryea.
Physicians & Proprietors

These institutions are situated on the opposite side of the river, in a HEALTHY and pleasing location near a perennial spring. Ample accommodations are afforded for the comfort and speedy care of those who favor us with their patronage.

Patients for the Hospital will be taken FREE OF CHARGE, by leaving word at the office of this city.

The indigent will make application with the County Judge for “a permit” to obtain admission.

Office at WEATHERFORD’S DRUG STORE, Front Street.

Read the original advertisement here.