Feedback Plz: Psychological Screening Process for Police Candidates

Dear Portlander,

In recent weeks City Council has heard from a few community members that they would like to see us improve on the psychological process that the Police Bureau utilizes to select its candidates.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Currently, Community Police Officer candidates are screened on more than one occasion. First, candidates are required to take a personality inventory as part of the initial written testing process. The candidate will then pass through several phases that include a physical abilities test, an oral board interview, and an in-depth background investigation. After passing the background investigation and receiving a conditional offer of employment, the candidate will be required to pass through an additional psychological screening and interview.

These processes are utilized in order to ensure that the candidate has a suitable temperament and personality to successfully perform the duties of a Community Police Officer.

We would love to hear from you. Are you a psychologist that would like to have input into these processes? Are you a community member that would like to share your ideas? Are you an expert or do you have experience in creating selection processes? Any and all comments are welcome.

Your submissions will be presented to a yet to be selected panel of experts. Potential members of this panel will consist of psychologists, human resources professionals, police process specialists, and community members. When you share your comments with us please be sure to tell us if you would also like to be considered to serve on the panel.

Please submit your comments to Sofia Chavier, our Public Safety and Peacekeeping Policy Advisor at The public comment period is open for two weeks, so please submit your comments as soon as possible.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your ideas!

Thank you,

Sam Adams – Portland Mayor

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