Eyes & Ears – September 2008

Cascadia’s peer-driven monthly newsletter is Eyes and Ears, 28 pages filled with resources and news clips about politics, policy and play.

Download and read the September 2008 issue.

Included in the September issue –

* The County’s Mental Health / Cascadia Update
* Lone Fir Cemetery and the Asylum Patients of Dr. James Hawthorne
* County pieces together new mental health facility
* The Community Mental Health Services Improvement Act
* Hooper Detox gets financial support

The Art Studio of the Minds Eye Closes – By Tom Trepper

Great idea; difficult road. In America everything boils down to money. The Art Studio of the Mind’s Eye is no exception.

The Art Studio of the Mind’s Eye has no choice but to close temporarily until new funding comes in.

The Art Studio has traveled from Renaissance to Garlington to its present location on SE 28th street between Steele and Holgate Street.

To picture the transition, the Studio has become peer operated, yes, without much regard from Cascadia. Peer run, a workshop area large enough to support a bunch of folks, the Gallery, ample lighting, a bathroom and sink for cleanup and a following of starting artists to rather skilled painters and mixed media artists.

The enthusiasm, the interest, and the pride of emerging artists has answered many questions and found many successes.

If things do work out then there may be the reopening of the Art Studio of the Mind’s Eye. We only hope this comes true for all the artists.