Eyes & Ears – August 2012

Here’s the August 2012 edition of Eyes & Ears, a mental health consumer run newsletter for consumers, their friends & family and mental health professionals.

Download and read the August 2012 issue at:

Online Reading Version of Eyes & Ears – with links
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Contact the editor at eyes.ears_newsletter@yahoo.com

Included in this issue:

* Oregon OKs 5 new care groups for state health reforms
* Peer Wellness Specialists at Cascadia
* When Mental Illness Strikes the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) Can Help
* Mental Illness: What Felesia Otis Wants Us To Know
* Cascadia Peer Wellness Training at Portland State University!
* Jerry Curtiss Wang passed away June 17, 2012 – obituary
* Extra on the online version with links:From Ativan to Acupuncture: Mental Health Alternatives; Colorado Shooting Suspect Was Getting Psychiatric Care; Can Its New Board President Turn NAMI Around?; Meet David Hidalgo, new mental health chief for Multnomah County; and a lot more.
* Coming Events: Peer Workshops at Clackamas County urgent walk-in clinic; Movies & Concerts in the Parks; Alternatives Conference 2012 and OCSC Statewide Gathering preceding the conference in October and OCSC teleconferences.