OMB Actions: Edward Keim Goering, DO

From the Oregon Medical Board, January 2013

Goering, Edward Keim, DO; DO19450; Portland, Oregon

On January 10, 2013, Licensee entered into a Stipulated Order with the Board for unprofessional or dishonorable conduct; gross or repeated negligence in the practice of medicine; willfully violating any Board rule or failing to comply with a Board request; and prescribing controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose, or prescribing controlled substances without following accepted procedures for examination of patients, or prescribing controlled substances without following accepted procedures for record keeping.

This Order reprimands and fines Licensee; revokes Licensee’s osteopathic license, however the revocation is stayed; suspends Licensee’s osteopathic license for 90 days; places Licensee on indefinite probation; requires that Licensee’s practice setting be pre-approved by the Board; subjects Licensee’s practice to no notice inspections by the Board; requires that Licensee complete pre-approved courses in prescribing, ethics, and medical documentation; requires that Licensee complete a CPEP assessment, obtain and complete an educational plan from CPEP if appropriate; prohibits Licensee from prescribing or dispensing Schedule II medication or Suboxone to chronic pain patients; prohibits Licensee from providing medical care to friends or family members, to include conducting office based surgery; prohibits Licensee from teaching courses in ethics, prescription of controlled substances or medical documentation; and requires License to provide a copy of his Stipulated Order to any employer or medical school where he may teach.