Disability Rights Oregon 2014 Community Insights Survey

Annually, Disability Rights Oregon conducts a survey to solicit additional input regarding the needs of Oregonians with disabilities. Disability Rights Oregon’s mission is to promote and defend the rights of individuals with disabilities. We envision a society in which persons with disabilities have equality of opportunity, full participation and the ability to exercise meaningful choice.

Your insights are important. Please take approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey and help us identify areas in which we may focus our resources in the coming year.

If you need an alternate format to complete this survey, please contact us at (503) 243-2081 or 1 (800) 452-1694 or welcome@droregon.org. Thank you for your time.

Disability Rights Oregon is the Protection & Advocacy System for Oregon.

Take the Disability Rights Oregon 2014 Community Insights Survey here.