City Hires Big Lawyer On Chasse Case

From the Portland Mercury, March 17, 2010

Having been denied the opportunity to try the Chasse case out of state last month, the City of Portland has decided to pursue a different tack, hiring a big name lawyer for its courtroom performance. Court documents show that her name is Anne Bremner. And if you believe her company website, then boy, is she good in trials:

Gulp. Bremner appears regularly as a legal analyst on TV, particularly on FOX. For example, you can watch her telling Bill O’Reilly that “we’re all fallen angels,” here on her website. Or here she is telling the O’Reilly Factor that “trials are theater, but they’re not bad theater.” Or telling Sean Hannity that “witnesses can and do lie, but evidence doesn’t.” In 2005, she spent six months covering the Michael Jackson trial, briefing the media pool as a legal expert: