City agrees to mental health funding

From the Portland Business Journal, June 16, 2010

Portland’s City Council has approved a deal that could provide at least $3.8 million to a new mental health center.

The council voted unanimously to work with Multnomah County on the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Center. The county commission is expected to approve its funding share tomorrow.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams, in a release, called the approval “a significant step forward in funding for addressing the growing mental health needs in our community.”

The center is set to open in late 2011. The funding — $2 million from Portland and $1.8 million from the county — will pay for capital improvements and part of the center’s operating budget.

The 16-bed locked facility will serve residents experiencing mental health issues who cannot manage their symptoms on their own but do not need to visit a hospital. Patients will be able to stay between four and 14 days as their mental health symptoms stabilize.

“With our funding partners like the state of Oregon, Central City Concern, the Portland Development Commission and the city of Portland, we’re all making a strong statement about our commitment to help some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” said Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen.