Citizens Call For Release Of Internal Report On Chasse Case

From, September 17 2009

Portland’s Mayor and Police Chief received a petition from 250 people Thursday demanding the release of the city’s internal investigation into the death of James Chasse.

Chasse died three years ago — after being tackled by three officers. He suffered from schizophrenia but had not been involved in a crime.

Former mayor, Tom Potter, apologized afterwards and Chasse’s family has been awarded $900,000 by the county.

But Roy Silberstein, of the Mental Health Association of Portland, says the police Use of Force Committee found officers followed training and yet an innocent man is dead.

Roy Silberstein: “That’s the unfortunate conundrum that they’re currently having to represent as appropriate.”

A spokesman the Mayor’s office referred calls to Police Chief Rosie Sizer. She expects the investigation will be released before Chasse’s civil lawsuit against the city goes to trial in March.