James Chasse – The Third Anniversary

The third anniversary of the death of James Chasse is September 17 2009. We’re starting to plan a commemoration – and want your help.

We’re mulling a few ideas – but for brainstorming, the more the merrier. Want to help? Send us an email at info@mentalhealthportland.org.

The Mental Health Association of Portland has applied fairly constant pressure for truth and transparency about what happened to James Chasse since his death on September 17 2006.

In September 2006 we applied direct pressure to the mayor’s office with personal visits and ongoing correspondence.

From October 2006 to today we’ve provided local and national journalists with background interviews, documents and explanations of Jim’s death, the what happened before and after, the cast of characters, and the various twists and turns of the story.

From October 2006 to today we’ve collected every public document about what happened to Jim and put it online, including the complete homicide investigation, policy document, and news account.

What Happened to James Chasse – October 2006 / September 2008
Mental Health Association of Portland – tag ‘James Chasse’ – since September 2008

In October 2006 with help from Portland CopWatch and the First Congregational church, we helped organize a memorial service for Jim’s family. Dozens of speakers included Jim’s family, local civil rights advocates, mental health advocates, friends, community leaders and spiritual leaders.

We helped form the short-lived but helpful Justice for James Chasse Committee.

We organized the first annual memorial for James, a peaceful protest at City Hall where we presented the mayor’s staff with a list of continuing questions from the community about what happened to James. The mayor did respond – but did not answer the questions.

We are producing ALIEN BOY, a feature length documentary film about what happened to James Chasse. The director is Brian Lindstrom, creator of Finding Normal; the director of photography is John Campbell, the composer is Charlie Campbell or Goldcard and Pond fame. We’re 80% finished, and have raised $150,000 in cash and in kind contributions.

Go team!