Australia learns about Portland’s ‘Taser Troubles’

Australian TV news aired a 20 minute story on Tasers, highlighting Portland, Oregon as a community where Tasers have been in use. There is interest in Oz to have their cops use Tasers as an alternative to pistols, rifles, shotguns, cudgels, fists and feet.

Journalist Nick Lazaredes talked with ACLU Oregon’s David Fidanque, Dan Halsted who won a $258,040 judgement against the City of Portland in 2008 for being Taser’ed by officer Benjamin Davidson – it was a case of mistaken identity, and Portland police officer Brett Burton, who Taser’ed James Chasse, in a vicious beating resulting in James’ death and a settlement award against the City of Portland. Portland Copwatch is also mentioned in the text of the story. (Lazaredes contacted the MHAP for comment but did not follow up.)

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