300 Fans on Facebook

Less than three weeks after we launched our ‘organization page,’ 300 Facebook fans have joined the Mental Health Association of Portland.

We invite you to join too by finding us on Facebook.

Our fans include dozens of persons with mental illness, their friends, supporters and family members, doctors, lawyers, politicians, philanthropists, clinicians, business owners, artists, musicians, accountants, and academics.

What do you get for joining? We’ll be able to easily send you updates, which often are shown first on this site, about events and news. There’s areas to discuss issues, share pictures and video, and meet others who share your common interest.

But here’s the best part. Deleting yourself from Facebook is notoriously difficult, and we’ve figured out how to do it. If you try it – and don’t like it – send us a note to info@mentalhealthportland.org and we’ll give you instructions to remove yourself as a fan from our page or from their database.


350 Fans – July 19 2009
400 Fans – July 22 2009
450 Fans – July 26 2009
500 Fans – August 6 2009