#ManInTree creates ornaments to raise money for bond, charities

KATU, May 10, 2016

Cody Lee Miller, camped out in an 80' tree

Cody Lee Miller, camped out in an 80′ tree

When Cody Lee Miller climbed an 80-foot tree in downtown Seattle, the story got a lot of traction on Twitter (#manintree); onlookers chanted and laughed.

“Issue appears to be between the man and the tree,” Seattle police tweeted.

Ornaments-5Miller was briefly hospitalized and then jailed, held on $50,000 bail for malicious conduct and assault.

Jake McKown of Portland was not amused.

“Clearly there was a mental health issue,’ McKown said. “Nobody was talking about getting this man help. The judge told him to have no unwanted conduct with the tree — he was making fun of him.”

Ornaments-3McKown – who said his own family has been touched by mental illness — decided to shed a light on the issue of mental health, a huge problem in American jails and prisons. So he designed an ornament based on Miller and called it Man in the Tree.

Ornaments-4The wooden ornament resembles a bearded Viking and measures about 3 inches high.

“A friend and I came up with the idea of having your own man in your tree, McKown said.” People who have the ornament can share the story.”

McKown said the proceeds from sale of the ornaments will be used to post Miller’s bail “and get him the help he needs,” McKown explained.

Proceeds from the sale of the ornaments will go to pay Miller’s bail, with additional proceeds going to Friends of Trees in Portland and the One Mind Institute.

The ornaments can be ordered online at maninthetree.com for $12.99 plus $4 shipping.