Women Survivors of Sexual Trauma – New Peer Support Group Starts 3/7

Every Wednesday, starting March 7, 2012
7-8:30 p.m.
At Empowerment Initiatives
3941 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR

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The first meeting of the Women Survivors of Sexual Trauma peer support group will be
this coming Wednesday, March 7!

The group is open to all women (including transgender persons who identify as women), who have been through traumatic sexual experiences and would like to share with others in a safe environment.

Groups will be co-facilitated by two or more peers who are also survivors,
including Jenny, Chaya, Kate, and Nicole from Portland Hearing Voices.

Together we are strong! (Image: Flickr.com/H.KoppDelaney)

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Sexual trauma does not have to be rape.   It does not have to involve violence.
It does not matter who started the chain of events, or how old you were, or whether you were drunk or high.
It does not have to meet any definition except our own.
If you experienced it as trauma, it was.

Sexual trauma wounds us at the deepest level and can affect our lives for years. Many of us feel persistent shame. We may develop ways of coping that get labeled as psychiatric problems in and of themselves: cutting, binge-eating/restricting/purging, suicide attempts, being sexually compulsive or completely withdrawing from sex,
being always “on guard” and unable to trust — to name just a few.

Our group will provide a place where we can talk about our experiences if we so choose, or just listen.


Contact portlandhearingvoices@gmail.com