Street Roots – November 14, 2008

Several interesting stories are in this week’s Street Roots, now available from dozens of vendors all over Portland (I bought my two copies in front of the Central Library this morning).

You can also download and read a PDF file of the paper.

    Rest in Dignity: A memorial at Lone Fir Cemetery will honor residents of the Hawthorne Asylum, whose graves were paved over in the 1950s. Also, an interview with Storm Large about her song for Oregon’s first axe-murderess — one of those lost to an unmarked grave. Buy Dearly Departed: True Lies In Song Unearthed From Lone Fir. Thanks to everyone who helped steer this project in the right direction!

    City’s Human Rights Group Reconvenes: Eleven years after it was cut from the budget, the Human Rights Commission is again charged with protecting the liberties of Portland residents. Amanda Waldroupe reports on advocates’ expectations and the difficulty of enforcing corrections to complaints.

    Giving Shelter: The city will open more “warming centers” to accommodate the growing number of sick and homeless people on Portland’s streets.

Listen – if you’re thinking about making an end of the year gift to a worthwhile organization, consider the value of Street Roots. Make a donation today.