Sizer: Decision on Chasse Discipline Not Far Off

Portland Police Bureau Chief Rosie Sizer

Portland Police Bureau Chief Rosie Sizer

From the Willamette Week online, January 30 2009

After enduring repeated criticism from the Portland police union, Chief Rosie Sizer tells WW she’s close to deciding on whether the officers involved in the 2006 death of James Chasse Jr. deserve discipline.

“It is going through the process, and I don’t think it will take too much longer,” Sizer said at the tail end of an interview Wednesday about profiling by gang cops.

Sizer says her decision on the 28-month-old Chasse case has been delayed by new video evidence that emerged three months ago. The Chasse family’s attorney claims the enhanced jail video shows Officer Chris Humphreys may have changed his story about how he took Chasse to the ground.

“The thing that caused the delay is the new allegations that surfaced with the video enhancement,” Sizer says.

When pressed on precisely how that new evidence delayed the process, Sizer quickly ended the interview.

“I think I just said about as much as I want to say,” she said.

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