Sam Chase – candidate for METRO

Homelessness has increased statewide despite millions of dollars spent on providing housing. Why? What would you do to end homelessness?

Sam Chase

Sam Chase

I have spent fifteen years fighting for poverty alleviation, community development and affordable housing–including advocacy for resources to build the Bud Clark Commons. I understand that housing alone will not solve homelessness. I am currently the Executive Director of the Coalition of Community Health Clinics. A top priority for my nonprofit is to improve mental health services. Now, as a candidate for Metro Council’s 5th District, I will bring my values and experience to fight for social justice at the regional level.

Services to treat mental illness are in short supply. Yes, I’ll continue fighting for shelter, transitional and permanent housing. AND, I’ll leverage Metro’s regional voice to push for more resources to fund health clinics and services throughout the region that will provide mental health, behavioral, and addictions treatment.

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On January 27 the Mental Health Association of Portland sent questions to all Oregon political candidates. This is one response. This post is not a political endorsement but an opportunity to speak out about mental illness. Minor changes may have been made to the text for clarity.