Rosenbaum & Watson LLP

The Chicago-based academic duo of Rosenbaum & Watson LLP, hired by Portland Mayor Charlie Hales to sort out whether the Portland Police Bureau is complying with the 180+ item settlement agreement resulting from U.S. v. City of Portland, flew into town May 28 to present their first quarterly report and introduce their new front-person, retired city hall and county middle-manager Kathleen Saadat.

Saadat is an experienced LGBQT advocate. There’s no indication from the public record of LGBQT persons suffering undue force by the Portland Police Bureau. They’re not mentioned in the settlement agreement or any part of the recent police accountability conversation. U.S. v. City of Portland expressed the PPB had a pattern and practice of harming people with mental illness or a perceived mental illness – a mental health crisis. Saadat has no public experience in this area. She is neither an attorney or a medical professional, and has not taken part in the police accountability .

It’s been an inauspicious roll out first quarter with Paul Demuniz almost immediately leaving Rosenbaum & Watson, raucous and unmanaged public meetings, a loose agenda, and mouthfuls of live mike language and thought errors by both Rosenbaum & Watson, and backroom pressure by both parties (the City and the DOJ) to the suit against the community volunteers who showed up willing and eager to help. The report by Rosenbaum & Watson LLP continues the pontifications and is imminently skipable. With four years and three quarters to go there may be substance to ponder in the future. Or maybe not.

But our task is to collect and archive the history of mental illness and addiction in Oregon, regardless of it’s inherent silliness.


LISTEN – Below to Rosenbaum & Watson LLP, interviewed by Jenn Chavez on The Five Quandrants of Portland on XRAY.FM.