Resignation of Sharon Maxwell from the COAB

Eds. Note – The emails below are not uploaded to the COCL COAB website – by City staff, recipients of the email and letter, COCL or COAB members. So we’ll post it here. Seems of merit. (The City Attorney directed all correspondence by members of the COCL and COAB to be included on the COCL COAB website – but very little material is actually on the site.)

There’s been no public action on these messages, Maxwell’s requests in the messages, or on Maxwell’s resignation aside from replacing her on the COAB. Also – there is no evaluative process for the COCL created by the City, the DOJ or the COAB. No evaluation means no course correction.


Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 07:41:36
From: shamaxhend

Subject: Sharon Maxwell Letter of Resignation and Request for the City Auditor to Investigate the COAB-Settlement Agreement Process (PDF)

I’m not sure how to even start this email out but to say how disappointed and traumatized I am to be harrassed, intimidated by COCL team, The Portland Police, and covert persons who work for this city. You can’t speak up as COAB member how do you expect the public to come forward.

I believe this process is flawed and there should be some analysis of the COCL team that failed to adequately implement this COAB so this would not bring harm to the volunteer COAB members who are feverishly working for the people.

I am deeply sadden that the COCL who is to support the COAB has failed to provide the support that COAB members need to feel protected in this process.

I am requesting a exit interview to give all parties including city Auditor to make sure this process going forward will be one of integrity, true independent oversight, accountability and the members get what they need to stay on the board for their whole tenure to do the work we have been asked to do on behalf of the public.

Sharon Maxwell

Thank you , Make it a great day!
Bratton Construction Boanerges Group


To: Committee Members
City Council Members
United States Justice Department
Federal Judge Simon
Albina Ministerial Alliance
City of Portland Citizens

From: Sharon Maxwell
Date: Oct. 7th, 2015
Re: Resignation Letter

I am submitting my resignation letter effective today with great disappointment. I believed the federal courts was the best place to create what Dr. King called, “the beloved community.” The victory in federal court signaled in this city and around the nation that reforms needed to happen in our cities Police department.

When I joined this effort, it was my goal to improve relations with the City of Portland’s police department and its public. The events that followed the court victory can only be described as a betrayal to every Portland residents in this city.

1). Dr. Rosenbaum was not one of the finalist yet he received the contract.

2). The budget should be under the committee.

3). The committee members should have been offered a stipend. We are working over the required hours.

4). The absence of a full budget with detail procedurals has placed volunteer committee members in a position of pons with no real power and assuming the legal liability of corruption.

5) There appears to have been back door deals that have violated the integrity of this effort.

6) The secret investigations of committee members who are working for free is wrong, and a violations of our civil liberties. We did not sign up for this type of high tech lynching.

7) We are Portland residents who love this city and that is why we agreed to join and help. Such civil liberties violations depletes trust and suggest change can only happen in federal court not supervision under city authorities.

8) Finally Rosenbaum you should not have gotten this contract. Your disrespectful words to Senator Avel Gordly when she requested your support to mediate a conflict with two committee members, “you stated that doesn’t interest me.” Your tone and tenor was out of touch with the living legend you were talking too “Senator Avel Gordly” and reflected the racist remarks of an elitist insider.

9) The community has requested that the city auditor perform an audit of the hiring of COCL Rosenbaum team process and a detail review of the budget process as well.

10) The report findings doesn’t reflect the real time facts and feeling of the COAB members.

11) The COAB requested legal independent council and the city refused our request. The city challenged this effort and loss in federal Court. This fact alone suggest independent legal counsel should have been provided.

Sharon Maxwell