Project Director Oregon Peer Employment Network Job Description

FTE: up to .5 FTE

Salary: Based upon experience
Open: Until filled

Essential Duties

· Take the lead in planning, organizing, directing, and insuring the completion of all project activities, including those of subcontractors
· Participate in reviewing and advising adaptation of the curriculum for teaching employment facilitation skills to peer, including obtaining input from members of the project’s advisory council.
· Organize and provide training and technical assistance to individuals using curriculum
· Prepare timely reports to funder

Required Experience
. Knowledge of and experience with peer-run programs
. Knowledge of and experience using empowerment and self-determination approaches
. Have recent work history

· Ability to provide training and technical assistance to individuals with wide range of abilities
· Ability to work in collaborative manners with others
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· Use of computer and standard office software programs
· Willingness to travel (mostly in state)

Desired Experience

· Willingness to self-identify as someone who uses/has used mental health services
· 1-2 years experience as employment/vocational counselor working with individuals with disabilities, preferably psychiatric disabilities
· Knowledge of person-centered planning methods
· In-depth knowledge of various types of accommodations for people with disabilities
· Knowledge of and experience with employment related resources such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Worksource, and Social Security Work Incentives
· Knowledge of and experience using computer and standard office software programs.
· Oregon Driver’s License and good driving record

People of Color, Veterans, Sexual Minorities and People with disabilities are encouraged to apply

Send resumes to:

Beckie Child
Mental Health America of Oregon
1600 SW Fourth Ave. Suite 900
Portland OR 97201

No phone calls please!

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One Response to Project Director Oregon Peer Employment Network Job Description

  1. daniel says:

    hello i am a mental health patiant and have been since the age of 4 years old i have recentaly moved to medford oregon and am apoled at how little mental health patiants are helped . i have the exsperiance of acctualy being able to graduate from cascadia mental health and have now found myself back in mental health the point im getting to is i have never seen mental health clients given so little knoledge on the mental health conditions let alone that there is limiteded and out of date ways of coping skills in medford oregon i have seen schitsofranics that run around indangering them selves and noone does anything since being mentaly ill isnt against the law resently a mental health client who was not treated in now arrested being tried when it is the towns fault for not providing apropreate invironments for mental heath clients and when a peer believes he is dumb due to depretion and anxiety for dummies book for group that is against selfasteem apropreate treatment im confused at how little the mental health facilieties are out dated how do i get a peer on peer licence so i can at least help those who havent been given the apropriat skills to cope and deal ith there diagnosisesw correctly im used to city mental health programs ty and hope to hear from you and im in medford oregon waqs in portland oregon

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