Portland Police Bureau – policy revisions & new directives

The Portland Police Bureau has made many recent changes to it’s policies relevant to issues of interest to supporters of the Mental Health Association of Portland and close followers of the civil suit, US DOJ v City of Portland.

Here are the updated relevant policy directives from the Portland Police Bureau. These and more policies are listed at the Portland Police Bureau web site.

Directive 010.00, Directives Manual. Substantial rewrite of 010.00, effective May 1, 2014

Directive 310.00, Conduct, Professional. Revision of 310.00, effective July 8, 2014

Directive 310.40, Courtesy. Revision of 310.40, effective July 8, 2014

Directive 312.50, Identification. Revision of 312.50, effective July 8, 2014

Directive 416.00 – Post Officer-involved Use of Deadly Force / Temporary Altered Duty. “This is a new directive which formalizes practices the bureau has been utilizing for several years.” Effective April 29, 2013

Directive 630.45 – Emergency Medical Custody Transports. “This Executive Order reformats and adds new language to Directive 630.45 (underlined in bold in Section 3.1.6 and Section 4.1.2) and also merges language from a previous amendment outlined in an Executive Order dated March 11, 2009 (underlined in bold in Section 4.1.5).” Effective June 23, 2013

Directive 850.20 Mental Health Crisis Response. Revision of 850.20, effective July 8, 2014

Directive 850.25, Police Response to Mental Health Facilities. Revision of 850.25, effective July 8, 2014

Directive 940.00 – After Action Reports and Operations Orders. “This directive has significantly revised and is structured in the new Bureau format which will be the format for all directive revisions from this date forward.” Effective April 4, 2014

Directive 1010.00 Use of Force. “This directive has been significantly revised. Please read the attached directive carefully.” Effective April 10, 2014

Directive 1051.00 Electronic Weapon Control System 4-10-14“This directive has been significantly revised. Please read the attached directive carefully.” Effective April 10, 2014

Directive 830.00 Arrest Without Warrant. “This directive has been revised to include new probable cause arrests, changes to Z-cites, deletion of procedures for Attempted PCS I and PCS II.” Effective April 13, 2012

Directive 825.00 Domestic Violence, Arrests and Restraining Orders.
“Added new section in the Procedures portion titled “Proof of Service”. This section updates the requirements for documenting proof of service for restraining orders once the order has been served. Effective December 14, 2012

Directive 1020.00 Firearms. “Remove one section on Duty Sidearms. In the 2009 Manual of Police and Procedure, on page 540, under section titled Duty Sidearms, this entire section should be removed. The correct procedure description for Duty Sidearms is included on page 535 of this directive.” Effective June 3, 2011

Directive 1050.00 Less Lethal Weapons and Munitions. “Under Procedures, in section Less Lethal Weapons, Standard Shotguns and Ammunition, second paragraph, new language has been added to reflect current policy and practices on storage requirements for less lethal shotguns.” Effective October 24, 2011