Portland Police Alcohol Recovery Team

The Mental Health Association of Portland salutes members of the Police Alcohol Recovery Team and their important work to keep officers, their families and the general public safe, sober and sane.

Each month the Portland Police Association publishes it’s membership newsletter – The Rap Sheet. In each issue, adjoining the masthead, is information about the Police Alcohol Recovery Team and it’s brave volunteer members.

From The Rap Sheet

The Police Alcohol Recovery Team – P.A.R.T. – is a group of officers who are recovering alcoholics in the Portland Police Bureau. We are made up of various ranks and come from various divisions of the Bureau. Our mission is to help alcoholics in the law enforcement community and their families achieve and maintain sobriety. We adhere to an ethical responsibility of confidentiality, which is a promise to an officer to reveal nothing about his or her circumstance to any other Bureau member.

Police Alcohol Recovery Team members – Officer Rob Hawkins – Central Precinct, Sergeant Larry Graham – Central Precinct, Sergeant Lanny R Bennet (retired), Lieutenant P.J. Steigleder – Clackamas County SO, Detective Maurice J. Delehant – Clackamas County SO, Maureen Finn (unsworn).

Alcoholism is a common, treatable problem. When alcoholics get treatment and enter recovery life is possible without alcohol. Many police officers – Portland police officers, both current and retired – are persons with year and decades of continuous sobriety. They are heroes and role models for their colleagues, their friends, and family members – and every active addict and alcoholic in our community.