Portland Area Crisis Responders & Outreach Teams

Here are the active crisis responders and outreach teams – that we know of. There very well could be more out there. Some are a mix of both crisis responders and outreach. If you know of other services or a clarification, leave a comment below. Crisis responders are all some form of law enforcement or private agency contracts through the City of Portland or Multnomah County.

City of Portland

Multnomah County

  • Multnomah County Sheriff – many deputies are CIT trained – 911 dispatch
  • Multnomah County Mental Health Unit – parole and probation – self-dispatch
  • Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program, through the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, engages with people who are mentally ill or addicted and homeless – self-dispatch
  • Multnomah County Mobile Outreach – part of the Health Department, dispatched through the county crisis line + self-dispatched
  • Other Governments

  • Gresham Police have a “mental health team” and a service coordination team
  • Port of Portland police are CIT trained
  • For Psychiatric Security Review Board clients who are out of compliance, Contract staff (statewide) will do outreach and escort people to hospital / clinic
  • Federal parole will pick up their people who are not in court compliance – self-dispatched
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a “community outreach” program through the Portland field office – self-dispatched
  • The Veterans Mobile Outreach Program and Community Reintegration Services – self-dispatched

  • AMR – sole ambulance service for Portland and a routine escort for police. Still the primary response when a person is in a medical / psychiatric emergency – dispatched through 911
  • Several private and public security companies are in routine contact with people in crisis, such as Portland Patrol, the Central Eastside Sidewalk Operations, and Downtown Clean & Safe.
  • There are “Assertive Community Treatment” and simular teams for most of the larger mental health agencies which do outreach with designated hard-to-contact already established clients.
        • Cascadia – Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT)
        • Central City Concern – Community Engagement Program (CEP)
        • Telecare – Assertive Community Treatment (TACT)
  • Project Respond – crisis outreach, dispatched through the county crisis line + self-dispatched
  • Portland Street Medicine – medical outreach, self-dispatch
  • Cascadia has a Street Outreach Team which is separate from Project Respond, self-dispatch
  • JOIN – Outreach Program – focused on the pods
  • Janus Youth has run Yellow Brick Road, helping teens off the streets for decades
  • NARA NW has an outreach team for current clients
  • Providence Health has an outreach and education program which contacts Latinos through Catholic churches
  • Transition Projects has an outreach team in partnership with Central City Concern
  • This page was last updated September 22, 2021