New Portland VA Medical Center director says delays will be addressed

KOIN 6 News, June 2, 2014

The new director of Portland VA Medical Center says the hospital is committed to improving the wait of patients by fall.

More than 1,300 veterans are currently on the waiting list at Portland’s VA and new patients wait an average of 56 days to get care.

Joanne Krumberger, the new director of Portland VA Medical Center, said that will all soon change.

“By September we will have addressed all of those patients on that waiting list as well as the new patients we anticipate that will be coming to us between now and then for medical care,” said Krumberger.

Krumberger said the delay in care is partly due to 21 openings for physicians. However, officials said they already have commitments from 17 to come to Portland’s VA by fall.

Until then, Krumberger said temporary doctors have been hired and those on staff are being asked to work evenings and weekends.

Krumberger added that the medical center is reaching out to all veterans on the waiting list to make sure their conditions have not worsened.