Multnomah County grand jury will review Portland police shooting of William Monroe; no date set yet

From The Oregonian, July 19, 2010

A Multnomah County grand jury will review Portland Officer Dane Reister’s June 30 shooting of William Kyle Monroe, but no date has been set yet.

Police Chief Mike Reese, pictured at the scene of the police shooting of William Kyle Monroe.

Police Chief Mike Reese, pictured at the scene of the police shooting of William Kyle Monroe.

Monroe’s lawyers have asked Multnomah County district attorney’s office to temporarily delay a grand jury in the case, in order to allow them to learn more about the outcome of the Portland Police Bureau’s investigation into Reister’s use of real shotgun rounds fired at Monroe from a less-lethal beanbag shotgun.

Monroe, 20, also remains hospitalized.

Prosecutors have alerted Monroe’s lawyers and his family that they do not intend to bring criminal charges against Monroe, unless at a later date there’s an agreement by the family and the district attorney’s office to do so to help the 20-year-old obtain any mental health services through the county’s mental health court.

The district attorney’s office expects to provide Monroe’s family and attorneys with a more detailed briefing about the investigation into the police use of force against Monroe by the end of this week, and will consult with them next week on the scheduling of a grand jury review of the case.

Portland police have not released any further information on the shooting since July 1, when the chief and mayor made a public apology to Monroe and called the shooting a tragic mistake. Police have said Reister fired four rounds, and a fifth ejected, and Monroe was hit with five shotgun pellets in the hip area.

Thane Tienson, Monroe’s lawyer, said Monroe suffered two entry wounds to his left thigh. One of the two was a “through and through” shot, and wadding from the shotgun was found intact in the wound. The other blast struck his right gluteal muscle, or buttocks, “with sufficient force to shatter his pelvis, and puncture his bladder, his colon and cause injury to his rectum.”

Monroe required surgery and appears to have damage to his sciatic nerve on the left side, which will likely lead to some permanent loss of mobility. He’s expected to require physical therapy after his release from the hospital, Tienson has said.

Police have said the less-lethal shotgun fired at Monroe had been mistakenly loaded with lethal shells.

Police said Reister, a 15-year bureau veteran, fired four times at Monroe, and a fifth shell ejected from the weapon, after officers issued Monroe commands. Police did not say what those commands were. They said police were responding to a 9-1-1 call about a man harassing children at Lair Hill Park that morning. A second caller said he had a pocketknife concealed up his sleeve and was acting in a peculiar way. Reister confronted Monroe at Southwest Pennoyer Street, and Naito Parkway, and witnesses said Monroe ran. He was shot in a grassy embankment between Naito Parkway and Southwest Barbur, behind Caro Amico Italian Cafe.

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