Mother says man police shot could be violent

From The Oregonian, October 27, 1987 – not available elsewhere online

A man who was shot and killed by a Portland policeman last week during an altercation in a Southwest Portland apartment was a manic-depressive who became aggressive and assaultive when he wasn’t taking his medication, his mother said Monday.

Daniel Ynosente Reyes, 26, who listed several Portland addresses, died of a single gunshot wound to the chest shortly before 10 p.m. Thursday. Reyes was shot inside his mother’s apartment.

His mother, Annette Caisse, of 6213 S.W. Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Apt. 201, said Monday that her son wasn’t a “bad person.”

“He just had these terrible mood swings,” she said. “He was big — about 6 feet 1 and 215 pounds — and he would be fine one moment and then really aggressive the next. He was supposed to be taking lithium (carbonate) to control it.”

Caisse said that in recent weeks her son had thrown rocks through windows at a Portland school and had gotten into a fistfight with a skateboard rider in downtown Portland.

The night of the shooting, two policemen were sent to the apartment to investigate a complaint from a woman who said she had been assaulted by Reyes and wanted him arrested. The arrest was mandatory under Oregon’s domestic violence law.

While Reyes was being handcuffed, he grabbed a baton from one of the policemen and began hitting Officer Michael H. McDonald, 39, a 17-year veteran and Officer Michael H. Peterson, 38, who has been with the bureau for three years, said Henry Groepper, bureau public information officer.

Groepper said McDonald suffered a blow below one eye during the struggle. He said Reyes was struck several times with a baton, but it had no effect on him and he continued to fight.

Groepper said Reyes eventually let go of the baton, grabbed Peterson’s gun and attempted to remove it from the holster. McDonald then pulled his own gun and fired once when Reyes lunged at him, Groepper said. Reyes died at the scene.

About five hours before the shooting , Reyes had been cited without incident by another police officer in downtown Portland for felony driving with a suspended license. McDonald had assisted in the stop.

“I was trying to get him some help,” Caisse said of her son’s behavior. “I didn’t want him coming into my apartment, and I told the assistant manager that when I went to work. But someone didn’t get the message and they let him in here.”

Caisse, who was not at home at the time of the shooting , said her son and a friend of his were visiting in the apartment when they had a disagreement. Caisse said the woman told her Reyes pushed her but didn’t hit her.

“She ran screaming out of the apartment and ran to the manager’s unit,” Caisse said. “I guess that’s who called the police .”

The results of an investigation into the shooting will be turned over to the Multnomah County district attorney’s office.