In Memorium: 69 Homeless People

Today or tomorrow the Multnomah County grand jury will finish reviewing why Portland Police officer Jason Walters shot and killed Jack Dale Collins on March 22 at Hoyt Arboretum.

Based on all prior grand juries since at least 1981, this one will not instruct the District Attorney to file charges against officer Walters. No family for Jack Collins will speak out for him. No congregation will host a memorial service. There will be no funeral ceremony. No lawyer will fight to protect his civil rights in court. No public committee will meet to discover what went wrong. No changes to the public health policy or policy policy will be reviewed in consideration of his death. No artwork will be made to remember Jack Collins.

In a year his name will be forgotten, just an entry on a list of those killed by police officers.

Yesterday, as a late addendum, the name of Jack Dale Collins appeared with the names of sixty-eight others, persons who were part of a loose community of homeless persons in Portland who died in the past year, remembered annually during the Easter week at Downtown Chapel. The event is organized by Operation Nightwatch.

Here are the names to be remembered.

John Brenneke
Robert “Freeway” Watson
John Livingston
John Kremer
David Sweeney
Bill Hudson
Edward Barrett
Stan Balinski
Diane Clagett
Raymond Routtu
James Wakefield Johnson
Raymond Jay Koski
Jeisy Sikiwo Moses
C J Moses
Rosoce Fast Buffalo Horse
Kenny Spotted Elk
Jerry McGee
Anita Gonzales
Jamil Demain Sloss
Wendall DeLorme
Billy J. Onihan
Paula Loud Hawk
Peter Webster
Debbie Haskins
Louis Goleschel
Charles Logan
Lorie Johnson
Paul McAdam
Maxine Horn
Sharlene Barney
Judith Jackson
Robert Dumont
Buddy Haskins
Seth Jackson
Christine Huskey
Esther Logan
Frances Tucker
Jasses James
Johnny D
Charles Lookado
Grey Gregorie
Robert Scott Miller
Chris Saylor
Charles Grant
Eli Magadome
Louis Ester
Al High Horse
Fred Anders
Robert Mobley
Johnny Anderson
Angela Dobbins
Diane Weaver
Finies Taylor
Al Nelson
Joe Pierce
Dick Gribble
Daniel Savage
David Meriweather
Ray Jazzo
Jay Allen
Duane Beman
Jimmy Bart
Jack Dale Collins