Mark Kruger Settlement

Portland Police Captain Mark Kruger settled a lawsuit with the City of Portland in June 2014 for $5000, 80 days of vacation time, that disciplinary letters from 2010 and 2014 be removed from Kruger’s file, and the chief of police, then Mike Reese, sign a letter for Kruger, see below. Mayor Charlie Hales signed the settlement agreement but later claimed he was unaware of the settlement items.

    I am writing to affirm that I consider you to be a competent and valuable member of the Portland Police Bureau. Your skills and talents as a Critical Incident Commander and ability to connect with the community are outstanding. In an incident last year, your decision making and sound judgment led to the safe rescue of a woman being held by a gunman. As well, your work with the immigrant community has strengthened our relationship with new Portlanders. On many occasions over your 20 years of employment, you have performed above expectations in your assignments.The Bureau recognizes your integral role with the Portland Police Bureau and notes that you have completely fulfilled all of the conditions set
    forth in the 2010 discipline letter.

    The City agrees to remove the 2010 discipline letter relating to conduct occurring sometime between 1999 and 2001 from your Police Bureau personnel file. This will give all parties the opportunity to move on from this past conduct.I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future as we move ahead and continue to serve the community.

In a tort claim, Kruger argued the city and the police bureau’s Director of Services Mike Kuykendall slandered him in a series of text messages. Kuykendall repeatedly referred to Kruger as a Nazi in an exchange of texts a police lieutenant.

SEE – Portland police Capt. Mark Kruger’s past discipline to be erased — including for tribute to Nazi-era soldiers — under city settlement, July 2014.

In 2010 a Portland Police panel found Kruger had erected a memorial to Nazi soldiers in a public park.

SEE – Portland police panel finds Capt. Mark Kruger brought ‘discredit and disgrace’ upon the city by erecting a memorial to Nazi soldiers, October 2010.

READ – Settlement between Mark Kruger and the City of Portland, June 2014 (PDF)

We include this document, links and post to illustrate the City of Portland inability to discipline it’s officers – even for vile and public acts.